Complete Guide On How To Apply For Google AdSense (Updated)

Complete Guide On How To Apply For Google AdSense

Hello and welcome to my wonderful platform, in today’s lesson, i am going to teach you all step by step guide on applying an AdSense account for your website or blog. The process requires hardwork and patience because it’s never easy. You don’t need to be a developer or have programming skills to apply, with my step by step guides, i will lead you through from beginning till the end. Keep reading and learn.

1. Introduction

What is google AdSense? Google AdSense is an ad network that provides a way for publishers to earn money from their contents by displaying ads on their websites. Someone needs to have a responsive website with complete original content and has to comply with Google’s policy and guideline to become eligible to apply.

2. Preparing Your Website

To get started, You need to make sure you have a solid website on ground, what i mean by solid website is that, you need to make sure is comply with Google’s policy and fully ready. You must write at least thirty original contents with nothing less than 300 words before you proceed. On your website, you need to have some important pages such as; About us, Contact us, and clear privacy policy page. Google take these pages serious when reviewing your application, so if you don’t have them created, your application may likely be rejected by the google team.

Optimizing your website and regularly updating it will absolutely help during the application process. Google will never approve AdSense on a website that is not well optimized likewise not being updated regularly. One needs to make sure his website is always updated, loading fast and optimized for search engines and mobile-friendly can be properly navigated.

3. Applying For Google AdSense Account

Now without wasting much your time, here in this paragraph, i will teach how to apply for your own Google AdSense account. Keep reading to learn more…

  1. Before doing anything, you need to have a gmail account which as never been used to apply AdSense before or if you don’t have, just create a new one and proceed.
  2. If you have a gmail account ready, proceed to and click on GET STARTED
  3. A form will be displayed for you to fill in your website, Select your country and choose a proper payment option.
  4. When you make sure all the information you provide is accurately correct, then you proceed to submit the form and request for review.

4. After You Apply

What’s next after submitting your application? Well you wait. Your website will be reviewed and you will get a respond within 24hours but if you didn’t get a response, you will have to wait for a week or two and hopefully if you follow the process well, you will get a positive response.

If your application got rejected, don’t panic, google will categorically state why your website got rejected, either your website did not comply with their policy or your content are not original or has no value, All you need to do is to trace the problem and work on it and re-apply again.

5. Conclusion

Applying for Google AdSense account is this easy and smooth if you follow the proper guide, Make sure you have a responsive website with original contents that complies with google policy and guidelines and then create the important pages such as, about us, contact us and privacy policy then you proceed to apply and wait for google to reply you.

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