5 Quick Windows Tips Using the WinKey

Hey Guys, welcome to yet another tip on how to easily use your personal computer (PC). On Today’s episode, we are going to take you guys on 5 simple windows shortcuts that you probably never knew about. I am so excited to bring this up to you and trust me you will enjoy every sing tip, also it will save you time whenever you are doing any work on your windows.

This particular lesson is for Windows users, do not worry Apple users, I will bring up your own shortcuts in subsequent lessons. So let’s jump into it guys.

5 Quick Windows Shortcuts 

  1. Windows Key + Shift + S:- it is going to give you a snip of your screen, not a screenshot but a snip what a snip means is that you can choose which particular side or angle of your screen you want to take a screenshot of and trust me it’s so cool you can even try it now as you are reading this. It’s fast, very fast, I can even say faster than you calling Ronaldo’s name hahaha, and it saves it for you immediately as an image in your saved pictures of your computer.
  2. Windows Key + D:- It minimizes everything on your screen, trust me when I say everything I mean everything, it’s so cool you should try it out, and oh I forgot it’s faster than saying Andriod users do not have sense.
  3. Windows Key + Any Arrow Key:- This is also a cool trick, I am sure you have come across it before now probably, the function takes you or rather shifts your screen to any direction you want it to go.
  4. Windows Key +X+U+U:- It’s long yeah, thought as much, but guess what, this function shut down your pc immediately. oh yeah, it’s faster than you saying Apple users do not have sense, lol just kidding guys, but it’s so cool.
  5. Windows Key + TAB:- This function displays all your apps that are running on your screen, guess what is also fast, faster than you saying everyone has sense. you can try it out as you are reading this is way too cool.

Oh yeah, there you have it guys easy and simple, as I said earlier this is for windows users, Apple users stay tune, dropping yours soon.😋

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